Design of Pedestrian Footbridge for BSAC in Bulawayo

Closing Date: 
31 Oct 2019
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  • Background

The Bulawayo Student Accommodation Project (BSAC) was conceived and approved as a project in 2016.

Given its location, the Bank envisaged the construction of a Pedestrian Footbridge to enhance the safety of the anticipated large numbers of students, as well as the general public, living across the Bulawayo – Gwanda Highway.  Furthermore, as a condition of the granting of a Development Permit, the Bulawayo City Authorities also reiterated the need for the footbridge.

The bridge will be the first of its kind in the city and occupy a commanding position of prominence as one enters the city. It will also be a welcoming feature into the City of Bulawayo for motorists and traffic from Gwanda and further afield from South Africa. Its design should not just be aimed at conveying pedestrians from one side of the road to the other but must enhance the aesthetics of the area. The vision is to create a monument that attracts pedestrians to it and make the area safer for all.

IDBZ now therefore seeks the services of experienced and qualified professional firms to design in detail the bridge, cost it and prepare complete tender documents ready for tender.

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