The Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ)

A statutory body established through an Act of Parliament, the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 24:14], and came into being on 1 September 2005 following the amendment of the Zimbabwe Development Bank Act. The amended ZDB Act broadened the original mandate to focus on long-term infrastructure finance and development.

The Bank has a broad based shareholding, including the Government of Zimbabwe, local institutional investors and foreign development finance institutions.

Featured Projects

Transport Projects
The Bank recognises the role that the transport sector plays for economic growth in the country and the Bank’s focus in this sector is to facilitate construction and/or rehabilitation of roads, airports, rail, inland waterways and pipeline transport systems. Read more

Energy Projects
Sustainable economic growth is anchored on affordable, reliable and stable supply of energy to industry and households. Zimbabwe is currently facing power shortages with estimated reliable generation of about 1049 MW against an estimated suppressed peak demand of 2200MW…

International banking and exchange control department

International banking & exchange control department
Our International Banking and Exchange Control Department is dedicated to help our clients navigate the world of International payments and associated services…

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking & Trade Finance Products
Corporate Banking & Trade Finance Unit provides financial products to private and public sector organizations to catalyze investment in infrastructure… Read more