Press Release

23 Mar 2020

Notice to Our Clients and All Stakeholders: Changes in Response to COVID-19

19 Mar 2020

In the face of real threat of COVID-19 virus which is already affecting many across the world aand some of our neighbouring countries, Management has made a decision to escalate prevention measures.

13 Jan 2020

The Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (the IDBZ), is currently addressing issues raised by City of Harare pertaining to the New Marimba Park Phase II Housing Project.

16 Oct 2018

Asia is a large and geographically diverse continent, with many landlocked countries. Connectivity infrastructure is therefore crucial for trade and economic growth.

10 Oct 2018

We wish to advise our valued customers that the Infrastructure Development Bank is not yet selling stands for Clipsham Views Housing Project, Phase 2.

04 Oct 2018

Reference is made to the Monetary Policy Statement announced by the Reserve Bank Govenor on 01 October 2018, which presented measures aimed at strengthening the multicurrency system

27 Sep 2018

The Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (“IDBZ” or “Bank”) is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has approved a US$5 million increase in funding for the Project Preparation and Development Fund (“PPDF facility”).

21 Sep 2018

Information sharing is essential for effective and sustainable development.

03 Sep 2018

Last week, the government injected an additional US$150 million equity capital into the Infrastucture Development Bank of Zimbabwe ("IDBZ/the Bank").

09 Jul 2018

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