Title Downloadable File
Bidding Document for Procurement of Goods PDF icon Download 5. Draft Standard Bidding Documents Goods.pdf (1.03 MB)
Procurement of Works and How to use Guideline PDF icon Download 4. Draft Standard Bidding Document for Works.pdf (3.21 MB)
PROCUREMENT POLICY MANUAL PDF icon Download 1 Procurement Policy Manual.pdf (734.19 KB)
Selection of Consultants PDF icon Download IDBZ Standard Request For Proposal.pdf (1.33 MB)
PROCUREMENT AND EMPLOYMENT OF CONSULTANTS BY BORROWERS PDF icon Download Procurement of Consultants Services Procedure.pdf (421.04 KB)
PROCUREMENT PROCEDURES FOR GOODS, WORKS, AND NON-CONSULTING SERVICES PDF icon Download Procurement Procedures for Goods Works.pdf (379.97 KB)