Dr. Norbert Mugwagwa

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Nobert Mugwagwa is a Human Development (HD) practitioner, who uses his academic training, accumulated knowledge and experience to collaborate with governments at national and sub-national levels, and with households, communities and private sector actors to develop social sector investment strategies, policies, plans, instruments and management approaches that benefit a country's citizens.

In social protection and labour, he is highly regarded as he uses proven community driven development approaches such as direct financing, conditional and unconditional cash transfers, to invest in service access for the disadvantaged. By employing effective implementation strategies, He focuses on tackling service quality constraints by creating strong institutions (including in the private sector) that support community actions to improve safety nets coverage.

Dr Mugwagwa is also a health sector planner and management specialist who has designed and introduced health systems and management approaches as: Director of Planning and Director of Nutrition in the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health, Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Family Planning Program, and Task Manager and Team Leader for World Bank HNP programs in East Central and Southern Africa for more than ten years.  He also handled innovative work with the World Bank design, preparation, appraisal and management of investment projects; and orientation of Teams in the public, civil society and private sector to work on them with beneficiary households to implement and manage programs and projects at community, sub-national and national level.

Dr. Mugwagwa holds an ICSA Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration/Health, a M.Sc. in Public Policy/Health and a Ph.D. Planning & Management of Health (Aston University Management Centre-UK)