Draft IDBZ Information Disclosure Policy - Stakeholder input and comments are invited, send these to enquiries@idbz.co.zw

21 Sep 2018
Press Release

Information sharing is essential for effective and sustainable development. It stimulates publicdiscussion on and widens understanding and appreciation of development issues and enhances issues of accountability and transparency in the development process. Information also strengthens general support for efforts and initiatives to improve the lives of the country’s population, enables collaboration among the various players involved in development, and improves the quality of work being undertaken by the IDBZ through feedback.

In line with its’ Medium Strategy (2016 -2020) which emphasizes stakeholder engagement, knowledge generation and sharing, the Bank is making concerted efforts to significantly increase the information that it makes available to the public. The introduction of the Information Disclosure Policy, which involved engagement of various stakeholders, the Bank will again increase the array of documents it releases and streamline access to this information.

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