Marimba Housing Project Phase II Update

03 Sep 2020

The City of Harare has granted Parallel Development Permission to the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe for Phase 2 of the New Marimba Housing Development.This is a positive development that permits beneficiaries of the scheme to submit to Councilthrough the Bank, standard core house building plans whilst snags required for attainment ofCertificate of Compliance are being attended to.   Meanwhile, the Bank is finalising technicalproposals and modalities that will see the remedial works carried out before the end of thefourth quarter of 2020.  The implementation of the works was delayed due to the currentCOVID -19 lockdown measures.

Beneficiaries who are ready to commence development of standard uniform core houses ontheir stands as is stipulated in the parallel development certificate, whilst awaiting completionof servicing and attainment of the certificate of compliance, will be provided with buildingplan guidelines issued to the Bank by Council in due course. Also, with appropriate securityarrangements on individual stands, Beneficiaries can move their building materials on totheir stands. It should be noted that the Parallel Development Certificate at this stage allowsfor submission of standard core house building plans. These plans will be designed in sucha manner as to provide Beneficiaries the option of extending the standard core houses toaccommodate a residential home design of their choice in line with the set building standardsof the locality and the available building area of the stand as purchased.