10 Oct 2018

We wish to advise our valued customers that the Infrastructure Development Bank is not yet selling stands for Clipsham Views Housing Project, Phase 2.

04 Oct 2018

Reference is made to the Monetary Policy Statement announced by the Reserve Bank Govenor on 01 October 2018, which presented measures aimed at strengthening the multicurrency system

21 Sep 2018

Information sharing is essential for effective and sustainable development.

09 Jul 2018

Grab this unique opportunity to live in a scenic location of your dreams. With this unique housing project, the choice of a dream home or that of a holiday home is yours to own right now.

06 Mar 2018

A massive multi-million dollar housing development project has been launched in Kariba with funding coming from the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ).

10 Mar 2017

The Government of Zimbabwe, through The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development (MoTID) identified the need to rehabilitate and upgrade the Beitbridge – Harare – Chirundu Road and Harare Ring Road to meet the demands of trade and movement of goods on the North - South Corridor.

09 Oct 2016

In early December 2015, China’s President Xi Jinping was in Zimbabwe on a State visit and, with President Mugabe, oversaw signing of co-operation agreements in various economic sectors.

01 Sep 2016

GOVERNMENT is planning on raising $20 million to fund outstanding works at Tokwe-Mukosi Dam.

04 Sep 2016

CHITUNGWIZA town south of Harare is slowly resembling into a rural community as residents struggle to access basic needs like potable water, electricity, efficient refuse collection and maintenance of roads.