Glen-View Cholera Intervention

Water & Sanitation

Name of Project

Glen View Sanitation Project Report


Water and Sanitation

Allocated Funds

US$146 ,443.99


Infrastructure and Development Bank of Zimbabwe

Implementing Partners

Harare City Council (HCC)

Type of project

Rehabilitation and expansion of the town’s existing water treatment and distribution infrastructure.


Upgrading of Sewerage infrastructure to Glen View township, Harare.

Project Description and Components

Upgrading of burst out old water reticulation network replacement and rerouting of approximately 1200 metres by 250mm diameter non-functional sewer reticulation lines in Glenview


Glen View, Harare


As part of the IDBZ’s mandate and mid-term strategy (2016-2020) focus on development of infrastructure in various sectors of the economy which includes housing, energy, transport, water & sanitation and ICT sectors, the Bank, in direct response to the Cholera outbreak, partnered the City of Harare in providing necessary emergency interventions on the core infrastructure in the most vulnerable areas and nodes.

To kick-start these measures, the Bank, in partnership with the City of Harare; commenced its first localised intervention in the Glenview Suburb which was the epicentre of a recent cholera outbreak. The on-going intervention includes;

  • Replacement of the sewer system by laying new sewer lines running parallel to the over-loaded pipes on the main trunk-lines servicing Glenview;
  • Rehabilitating the affected sections of the local infrastructure through placement of a larger diameter pipes;
  • Complete replacement of dysfunctional manholes and other attendant connections.

This intervention was made possible through a direct contribution of US$146 ,443.99 for the availing of earthmoving equipment & materials by the Bank.  In the arrangement, the City of Harare was to provide some of the materials and labour requirement. The implementation and supervision of the work was to be the sole responsibility of the City of Harare who have the requisite specifications for the Civil works and laying pattern for the pipes.

The Bank proceeded to hire an Excavator that was initially expected to complete the works in a period of three (3) weeks through a fixed-sum contract and based on indicative trenching depths advised by City of Harare. Other ancillary items e.g. provision of safety signage, clearance of services and pipelaying were to be done by the COH.

The project structure thus limited the overall control of the Bank in so far as the effective co-ordination of the project was concerned thereby resulting in unsatisfactory progress being achieved on site and the project had to surpass the original implementation time estimated at project commencement.

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